In the interest of all tenants and leaseholders at Laurel Manor, if you live on the estate, the directors of RTMC require your support in complying with the regulations set out below to encourage and ensure a harmonious communal and safe living environment.

Please report any fault, breakage, or maintenance issue you see on the estate (but not in your flat) to the managing agents: Harrow Management Ltd on 0208 643 8946 or e-mail info@harrowman.co.uk. Please don't ignore the issue or assume someone else has reported it.


These Fire Doors are located on each floor giving access to the stairwell. They are there for the safety of everyone and to prevent the spread of fire and smoke to the rest of the building.

In particular, do not disable, adjust or otherwise prevent full door closure by the self-closing mechanism.

For the personal safety and security of all residents the main entrance doors to each block should not be hooked/propped open for longer than necessary.

Please do not leave anything (personal possessions, bicycles, tricycles, scooters, shoes, refuse, rubbish, child buggies, etc.) that obstruct stairs, entrances, hallways, paths, driveways, accessways or access to garages.

Rubbish, unwanted items and refuse of any nature:

In the interest of the safety and hygiene for all residents, Do Not Leave rubbish, or allow any refuse, to be left anywhere except for in the dustbins provided in the communal Bin Store.

In the Bin Store please ensure your rubbish is separated and placed in the correct bin.

DO NOT DISPOSE OF HAZARDOUS ITEMS IN THE BIN STORE. E.g. vehicle batteries; They will not be collected and pose a danger to the children who live here. To find a convenient method of disposal contact Sutton Council on 02087705000.

Bulky items, builders or decorators waste etc., must not be placed in the Bins / Bin Store, but removed from the estate e.g. taken to the council tip, Collection of 'domestic items' can be arranged directly with Sutton Council.

Should any items have to disposed of by the managemental outside of the normal household rubbish, any costs incurred WILL be passed onto the leaseholder

Please do not throw or suspend anything from your windows or balcony. It is unhygienic and dangerous. This includes cigarette ash and butts as well as rubbish and toys/games etc.

You are responsible for the costs of repairing any damage caused by you to any part of the estate.

You are not permitted to make any addition to or alteration in your premises or attach any wires or cables to the outside without the written consent of the managing agents.

Park only in marked bays on the estate (which are for use of all residents and visitors on a first come first served basis). You or your visitors must not obstruct the access road, nor park in the garage or grassed areas. Do not obstruct Access for Emergency, Rescue and Council vehicles which must be available at all times, day and night.

Only the management may install and use CCTV, without notice and at any time, to record and monitor communal areas to aid enforcement of breaches of Estate Regulations, prevent damage, vandalism & fly-tipping and deter anti-social behaviour.

Your premises (including garage) are for private residential purposes only, and must not be used for any trade, manufacture of any description or business purposes (except office, administration or computer work undertaken within your flat); nor used for any illegal or immoral purposes.

You are not permitted to display any advertisement, hang washing or anything else, in the windows, or outside your premises.

You are not permitted to keep animals, birds etc. except domestic pets kept in your flat.

It is not permitted to add additional private satellite dishes or any other equipment to the exterior of the property. SKY / FREESAT can be accessed by contacting the estate management company. Note there is no provision for SKYQ.

You must not commit or allow acts of nuisance (e.g. loud music, shouting or extended parties), damage, annoyance or inconvenience to the other residents, the freeholder or leaseholders, their agents, or to adjoining developments.

All activities that can be heard outside your flat must cease between 12 midnight and 7 am.

The smoking ban which came into effect in England on the 1st July 2007, extends to all enclosed and partially enclosed common parts of the estate. (Entranceways, internal stairwells etc.)

Under Section 3 Refuse Disposal (Amenities) Act 1978 any vehicle left on any part of the development in an unreasonable condition, unroadworthy, SORN or abandoned will be removed and disposed of. Costs of which will be passed to the leaseholder.

The playing of ball games is not allowed in communal areas except with a shuttlecock or foam/ sponge ball no larger than 20cm. Garden toys & equipment such as play tents, personal Gazebo's etc. may be used, but the grounds must be cleared of all equipment by nightfall each day.

The use of naked flames or barbeques is not permitted in any communal area including the lawns.

These regulations form part of your obligations under clause 2(21) of your or your landlord's Lease with Laurel Manor