Chairman's Report to Laurel Manor for AGM 2020

What a year!

I trust all of Laurel Manor Lease Holders are well and free from Coronavirus, and respecting social distancing during this difficult time. I am pleased to advise that Harrow Management have increased the cleaning of the communal areas to ensure we do our very best to keep COVID-19 out of Laurel Manor.

Covid 19 has impacted the Management of the Estate, board meetings have been cancelled and this AGM postponed, causing a slowdown in activity. We had hoped the postponement would have allowed an AGM in person.

Maintenance wise, we have had unforeseen issues in the last 12 months with some of the balconies needing repair, pointing on the brickwork needed urgent attention and an ongoing plan of repair for the pointing throughout the estate. The trees require "crowning and lifting" and the fire alarm sensors are reaching end of life.

The cost of these items will be met from the reserves, over a number of years without increasing the annual contribution to the reserves.

Also, the board feel that we need to keep the buildings looking smart and up to date. With this in mind, we believe this could be achieved by an update to improve the entrances to each block, in doing so eliminating the requirement of painting the entrances. It is our desire to fund any improvement from LMFL's recent lease extensions as premiums.

Taking all of the above, I think Chris Ball has done a great job on managing the accounts, and has managed to ensure that, even though we reduced the annual service charge last year by £150, the 2020/2021 service charge only returns to its 2018 budget.

The external decoration will go ahead, however, with the planned replacement of the entrances to each block, the entrances will not require painting, and we will make use of the scaffolding to repair the balconies thus reducing the external decoration costs.

As I said last year, I am pleased with the relationship between Ted Eggs and Harrow Management. I firmly believe that we need to thank both parties, as all issues and problems get prompt attention and resolved ASAP. So, thank you Ted and Harrow Management.

We constantly try to keep the estate looking clean and tidy, but we are often faced with tenants ignoring the rules. This results in additional maintenance cost which ultimately fall to all leaseholders through the service charge.

I would remind all leaseholders who sub-let that they are required to provide the names and contact details of their tenants to Harrow Management. Also please ensure that a copy of your lease is attached to all tenancy agreements and the tenancy agreement requires that conditions in the lease also apply to the tenant. Additionally, the Estate rules published at the last AGM should be given to all tenants.

The Estate management has the right to recover from the leaseholder any additional costs caused by a breach of the lease by their inconsiderate tenant.

Closing on the point of COVID-19, to keep everyone safe we have to have our AGM via email and post. Please could you read the AGM papers and reply as requested within the pack.

Steve Bastin