Laurel Manor Right to Manage Company Ltd.

Laurel Manor Freehold Ltd.

Chairman's Report and 2021-22 Service charge.

Dear Leaseholder,

Covid-19 has been responsible for a lot of disruption in the past 18 months and, no surprise, the management of Laurel Manor has not been immune from this.

Whilst the day to day maintenance activities have carried on, a lot of the behind the scenes work has been affected, in particular the ability of the Board and Leaseholders to meet.

Oversight of the Estate:

Become a Board member and help to ensure the LM Estate is well run.

The day to day (operational) running of the LM Estate is handled by Harrow Management Ltd and they should be contacted in the first instance. However, Harrow's activities are overseen by the Boards of the Right to Manage and Freehold companies. The boards of both companies have the same set of Directors, and we expect some to leave in the foreseeable future. Whilst the basic role of the Directors is Financial and Legal, most of the energy goes on the strategic decisions of what we want the estate to be and that means how much money is spent on what, and what is allowed / prevented. For example, there is a long running discussion on the use of CCTV to try and prevent damage to or dumping on the estate.

We want more leaseholders to join the boards. Would you like to know and influence what is done on the Estate?

It's your investment and, if you are like the rest of us, want to protect it cost effectively. Drop an email to Steve Bastin - or let Harrow know.

We have about 4 meetings a year and plenty of emails keeping us updated, but we also must make decisions which affect all leaseholders. Without active Boards we are leaving the fate of the Estate to the operational management company.


Last year we tried to hold remote AGM's, which was not successful, and will not be repeated.

This year the Board of the two LM companies have decided to cancel this year's AGM's which will be held next in July 2022. There have been no major changes that require AGM approval in the last 12 months and the most significant item is the approval of the Service Charge for the coming year.

Estate Rules for Residents

The Board have approved formal, enforceable, Estate Rules for Residents. If you rent out your flat, please ensure you give a copy to your Tenants. You are responsible for their actions.

Service Charge

LM is in the fortunate position of having strong reserves (mostly allocated to various foreseeable maintenance activities). Whilst the current year has seen quite a significant expenditure of "unbudgeted/unallocated" maintenance, it has not severely impacted us with limited supported from the reserves.

As a result, the Board has decided to leave the Service Charge unchanged at £900 for the 2021-22 year. This on the basis that, like this year, any shortfall next year can be temporarily covered by the reserves and recovered from the 2022-23 service charge if necessary. It does mean that the Service Charge is likely to increase for 2022-23 year.

The Board: Steve Bastin, Ted Eggs, Brian Putt, James Raynor, Chris Ball, Andrew Detnon, Mary O'Brien

Steve Bastin